Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bad experience

Driving around during midnight... car was fucking attacked by 4 Malays on bikes. These people are getting daring, they actually hit the window on the drivers seat several times. Tried to ram one of the motorcycles, but I missed... I should have just chased them down and run them over. I actually wound down my window when the motorcycle tried to tail me, they tried to pretend to be a policeman. I can just imagine the sort of Malay people who would do this sort of thing, the Malay people in National Service comes to mind, this is just your typical Malay. The sort of bottom feeders of society, fairly common among Malay people. Anyone whose dealt with Malay people ought to be familiar with this phrase. "OI, nak gaduh? nak gaduh ah???". When their alone they become turtles, when their in groups suddenly they act like their some sort of bigtime gangster. Disgusting cowardly behavior.

Brings to mind one occasion my father's friend went through. Indian bastards came into his sundry shop and took cigarettes without paying. He used his 4 wheel drive to ram one of them into the wall. Over 200 stitches. The bastard was lucky to survive. The fucked up thing was that these group of Indians continued to go to his sundry shop to steal cigarettes, and the plain clothes policeman caught them red handed. My father's friend was released... Figures, bottom feeders of society are generally really stupid.

I'm turning racist, I used to be pretty open minded but the more I come out into society, the less confidence I have in humanity. Particularly Malays.

Race and the subprime crisis

I haven't been updating the blog lately. So here it is...

The success of a country has a lot to do with what race has the majority in it. Look at Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and to a certain extent, Korea and Japan( the Japanese people actually came from China a few hundred years ago. Don't believe me? Google it ). These countries are all either developed, or developing at break neck speeds.

Then take a look at the White people, Europe, America, and many other countries. The people are white, and the countries that they live in are all very successful.

Let's back track a little, and take a look at Black people, their usually a minority in whatever their country is in. Black people have the highest number of drop outs among all races, they commit the most crimes, and their neighbourhoods are drug dealing dens, their IQ is the lowest of all races. This is the wealthiest country in the world. If you can't make it in the richest country in the world, where else can you make it? They complain about racism and bias against their race and the fact that their a minority, many of them put the blame of their lack of success on white people, they claim that the CIA is distributing drugs to their neighbourhoods, that the Americans are suppressing the people and that the only reason black people are not successful is because their being suppressed. How true is this?

Does anyone know what the Sub Prime crisis is? This happened in the US, and was the result of banks giving out mortgages to people who did not have a good credit history. Is this a case of the banks being greedy? It seems like quite a big scandal doesn't it? A lot of blame was put on the banks for giving out loans to people who had no means of repaying their loans. Apparently it was because the banks were 'greedy' and they wanted more money. Let me enlighten you on what actually happened by taking a quote from Phil Town.

Since the mid-1990s there has been a concerted effort on the part of politicians and policy makers to force banks to relax their lending standards. The crowbar that was used to open the bank vault was the charge of racial discrimination in lending. A Boston Fed study seemed to show that racial discrimination was the single factor that resulted in banks lending less to blacks than to other races. The authors of the study below debunks that study, but from the date that it was blessed by the Fed, banks that wished to keep their standards for lending were in deep trouble.

The Fed proclaimed that banks must evaluate a borrower's credit worthiness based on cultural factors. Banks that did not do so were open to fines of up to $500,000 for "discriminatory practices". So the banks complied and made the loans to borrowers who, previously, would not have qualified as credit-worthy. The banks did so grudgingly at first, and then aggressively as WaMu and CountryWide used Fannie Mae as a source of funds for subprime loans (with Fannie's encouragement) and exploded their revenues.

The banks were forced to evaluate how credit worthy a person was based on cultural differences. Not how well they were able to pay their credit cards, not whether they deserved the loans because they were capable of repaying the loans. The loans were given based on cultural differences, aka skin colour. If you give a 700k loan to a person working in Wal Mart. It goes without saying that this is a loan just waiting to default. Bad debt coupled with the leverage going on in the financial system resulted in this massive mess the world is currently in.

Ok, back to the main topic.
Now let's take a look at Africa, the land of Black people. What is Africa synonymous with? Disease, poverty, violence, mob wars. It's a dozen countries in a country, civil war is rife. Life is nothing over there, everyday people die. The children have no food to eat, 10 year old children carry rifles to fight. Let's look back at the black people in America, hmmm.... it looks like they have it a lot better in America.

Now let's take a look at Malays, you can find many similarities in Malay people and Black people. For one thing, they blame their lack of success on the other more successful races. The difference is that while Black people can actually blame White people for suppressing them since their a minority, in Malaysia the Malays are blaming the Chinese for suppressing them economically when their a majority. Is this pathetic?

Now lets look at Indonesia. Some people might remember the Asian Financial crisis, the Chinese people were the scapegoats, Austronesian people slaughtering Chinese because of the Asian Financial crisis. What is Indonesia famous for? Again, poverty, clan wars, who do they blame for their pathetic state? Indonesia is a country that is very rich in natural resources. Timber, oil, quarry. They have a large amount of natural resources. Why are they still in such a pathetic state? This has always been a question mark to me. Everywhere you hear that everybody is the same, but you look at the Black people and Asians, and very noticeably, you can see that there are very big differences in physique, the top athletes in the world are usually black. The differences are obvious, why is it so hard to believe that there are differences in characteristics between races that cause certain races to be pre disposed to certain things. I am not discounting other factors, like education and culture, but to a certain extent, maybe more than a little, genes do matter.

PS: To anyone interested in the current financial crisis happening around the world. Read this to find out how it happened.