Sunday, July 20, 2008

Done with my diploma, KDU sucks.

It's been hectic these past few weeks, a lot of things have happened. I've finished my finals for my last semester in KDU, a diploma that took me 2 and a half years to complete, going to KDU wasn't the best of choices. In KDU the lecturers at KDU go to a job. They do just enough to maintain their job, and I came into this college with certain expectations and what I got was not what I was expecting. I'm not sure how I would word it because there is just so many things to say and not many of them are good.

Let me try and summarize what I feel about KDU and the quality of education that they provide,

- There is no focus on what their teaching, I'm under the impression that they make up as many subjects as they can to sell to the students so they can earn maximum profit with minimal effort. I had subjects like "introduction to programming", which is kind of like programming, except it's not, and the lecturer I got knew even less on programming than I did. You get IQ questions and the sort of questions that you would more likely find on an online quiz than an exam, and then theres "Managing your hardware", I remember complaining about this, this subject is actually on managing your hardware o_O, I learned what not to put near the CPU when your opening it, what is the difference between HAZARDOUS, DANGEROUS and DANGER. "Internet", theres actually a subject on Internet, what they do is they tell you where the address bar is on your browser, what country Nokia came from, what the file button does.

-I had no less than 3 subjects teaching the use of director flash, and director. Thats 2 programs, and it's not the coding and intricacies that I'm learning, it's the features of the program. Not exactly something that I would be able to make use of, what happens if I use a different program for designing something? I would have to start from scratch, might as well have thrown me in a designing class, at least I would have learnt something that wouldn't become redundant once I change programs. None of these 3 subjects went into real detail. Yes they covered quite a number of parts, but it's the sort of thing you would be able to learn in frankly speaking, less than a week. In fact one of the lecturers actually gave us online tutorials that were done by someone else online, and again, these are just the features of the program. I'm not going to be able to change platforms for it, and I only learned the basic stuff...

These are just the ones I can remember off the bat, simply because they were just so bad.

edit: I don't like KDU, I have a poor opinion of them, it's not that I hate the college. If someone sells me a bad product I like to say something about it. It's not something I lose sleep over.