Monday, June 4, 2007


In the last few years streamyx has upgraded its service several times in order to provide higher bandwidth for it's customers, what I have never been able to understand is the existing problems that still continues to plague me throughout the years of using their services, I mean, why not give those shitty customer service staff's and technicians some training in etiquette and some actual knowledge on just what their talking about, instead of giving them a single A4 paper with 'The Same Answer for All question'. Pisses me off when I have to deal with rude idiots who keep going OK, OK, 2 more hours, 1 more day, 2 more weeks, and completely ignore my report for the next month, damn you lazy bastards, if you don't know whats wrong just send the fucking technician over on the same day. To top everything off my connection always gets these hiccups where it disconnects once in 5 minutes for more than 3 hours, works fine for awhile, then starts disconnecting again. I've disconnected for more than 15 times up till now, which is probably the only reason I'm actually spending time on this blog.

Think streamyx is good? Maybe for your area, but their service for most of their customers is bad.
Type in streamyx sucks in google and there will probably be half a dozen links where you can find people complaining about streamyx.

Its 5:20 AM and my Internet connection is still disconnecting every 1-5 minutes, its been more than 7 hours so far.

Them technicians over there must be making love to the electric plugs.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

College is a sack of potatoes.

Life at college can be compared to a sack of potatoes, why a sack of potatoes? I don't know, but somehow it feels appropriate to me to compare it to a sack of potatoes.

So now that it has been established that life at college is in fact a sack of potatoes, I would like to further elaborate on the distinctive qualities of a college student. In KDU, the locals(read: Malaysians) hang out at the Cyber Cafes, for the rest of the KDU population? I dunno.

Now that I have finished my 3rd blog entry, I shall expire.

Damn I really need to find something to do...