Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Streamyx connection just dropped...

Yay, 10 kbs per second.
I remember subscribing to a 1 mbps line, not a 56k dial up.

Friday, December 7, 2007


I don't know many people who know anything on politics other than what comes out on the newspapers, most people brush off any information regarding the government, whenever I bring up a topic like this I get that blank, boring silence. A lot of times I find that some people actually seem to support the government, their happy with what they have, or they just couldn't be bothered. As the saying goes.. ignorance is bliss.

There's plenty of information to be found online, things you would not be able to read from the newspapers, and it's very interesting. Anything related to politics usually isn't reported in its entirety in the newspaper. You can read plenty of comments belittling the opposition thrown by the government, the sort of name tossing you usually see in children. There is never a public forum for any sort of debate to happen, people are expected to take whatever the government chooses to feed them. It's a huge joke when the government posts up huge figures that are completely false(NEP incident) to fool the general public, and then proceed to lambaste anyone who says otherwise, even when they have concrete evidence to back their claims, of course since the majority of the people in Malaysia think its just "politics" they simply never bother to find out.

I would probably say that for every 10 people I know there probably aren't more than 1 or 2 that actually know just how far off the figures that the politicians came up with to justify the continuation of the NEP is, and just how many times the politicians have managed to get away with the worst sort of crimes.

People who say that corrupt politicians are "smart" because they know how to earn a lot of money and get away with it ought to be shot. I tend to get this sort of impression whenever I'm dealing with some people, the feeling that being more well off or being "better" justifies whatever they do. Their attitude is that, in the end, I'm still better than you, so what if I'm lying? So what if I'm being rude, in the end I'm still more well off than you are. I suppose in some respects this is true, a person has to learn to adapt to changes but having to deal with people who completely lack any sense of morality is really disturbing. I do know confident people who generally feel that morality is incredibly overrated, but the people who support something that is obviously wrong simply because the person who is doing it isn't getting caught is in my opinion, stupidity at its finest.

read this, there are several articles from an economist from Australia about Malaysia, a lot of information here that you probably would not be able to get anywhere else.