Friday, December 2, 2011

Helping out

Sigh. All these external problems are not what I need right now. Spending the last month trying to break this problem is draining the life out of me. So frustrated and angry, but nothing else I can do. I've covered everything I could, better to cut my losses and get back to myself. I need to be more careful with the people I'm dealing with.

I've been spending a little time helping my father out and learning something on the job. Just started a new project, and work has already started. I've already spent some time looking around. Most of the Indonesian sub contractors have become bumiputras. Apparently this is quite common, most of the Indonesian laborers who have been working in this country for a decade or so have become bumiputras. Really surprising, and very disturbing.

I'll start spending most of my time rotating between worksites for the next few months.