Thursday, October 25, 2007

I am bored. Again

Blogging looks to be something that will appear in my busy schedule regularly! Busy.. haha...

Rant and rave,

I have something against stupid people, I find them incredibly irritating. Stupid people are the people who can't think, these are the same people who will tell you they are right despite the 1000000++ facts that tell them they are wrong, and they aren't capable of thinking with any sort of clarity, because most of them can't exercise any control over their emotions. These are the same fools brimming with confidence despite having been proven wrong repeatedly, they make the same mistakes again and again, without any sort of improvement, yet continue to have that misguided confidence in themselves. Now if these people would keep to themselves and live in their own little village where their species would die out I would have absolutely nothing against them, but it annoys me to no end when they try and impose their stupidity on other people.

A good example I would take from would be from DOTA(popular LAN game in CC's), now I've been playing this game for a very long time, although I've stopped playing for more than a month, and I cannot describe just how irritated I get when someone who has little or no skill whatsoever in the game tries to shoot off commands to better players, it's one thing when your a top notch player and you tell people what to do, its another thing entirely when your score is 0 kills 10 deaths and your tell a person whose on a godlike streak what to do. Of course anyone who is actually good at the game would tell you that getting a godlike streak doesn't always mean that player is a really good player, but when your score is 0 kill and 10 deaths aka negative godlike, it's fairly obvious that your not up there among the top players. It has nothing to do with your 'mood', if you made a mistake and you can't even work out what mistake you made that means your not up to par, go improve yourself.

Another type, the most common type, are known as N00bs. You can't really differentiate between the stupid players and N00bs, since N00bs are usually stupid people. Not all of them though, some are morons, others are idiots. N00bs are the players who have been playing for a long time, but never seem to able to grasp the basic details of the game, they play for hours on end every day, but they never seem to improve. That itself isn't a problem, but n00bs are not only bad at the game. Since they've been playing for so long, they consider themselves to be 'pros'.

How is a person, who has little or no knowledge on the game able to judge just exactly how good they are? Let me give you and example, let's say some idiot thinks 1 + 1 = 5. He has so little mathematical skills that he doesn't even realize just how far off he is from the correct answer, so when asked to rate himself he says, "I'm pretty good at maths". Put 10 people like this in a game together and they start complimenting each other on how good each of them is, and everyone starts thinking, "Hey, I'm a PRO!!", well guess what? Your all equally incompetent. (theres actually a term for this, its called false consensus). These are the people who go to cash prize tournaments and get wiped out in the first 2 rounds.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Holiday at Port Dickson

Went off to Port Dickson on Saturday, somewhere around 2 o clock, my mom went nuts, again, why? I don't know, but I'm beginning to realize what to expect every time the family goes off for an outing, she did the same thing on the last 3 holidays, she always picks fights with people whenever her mood sours and its driving me up the wall, onto the roof, throwing sticks down while screaming... I had a massive argument with her, which pretty much killed the holiday mood, again.

Nevertheless the holiday was pretty fun, took 2 hours of driving to get to Port Dickson, the traffic was bad, or it probably would have been taken an hour and a half. We stayed at some place that belongs to the methodist church in PJ, the whole family used to go off for holidays there, but that was more than 10 years ago, the area is pretty big, roughly 20 acres total according to one of the keepers over there, Kumar. They have a canteen, a hall, dormitories etc. The land was acquired by the church more than 50 years ago I think, they still use it for some of the church activities these days, although I wouldn't really know, I've never been a devoted Christian even back when I was a kid, but I saw some thick branches stacked up at a gathering spot, and a bunch of kids that looked as if they just got out of Sunday school... How I miss the days...
yea right, I've never liked going to the church. Anyway it looked like there was some sort of bonfire that would be going on at night. We got there at around 5PM, give or take a few minutes and introduced ourselves to some Indian guy called Shamugen, the maintenance guy right now. He recognized my dad from last time, so we got the methodist price tag, the room looked something like a motel room, 3 beds, 1 mirror, 1 toilet, a cupboard, and some place to hang the towels. Hmm... RM45, nothing great, but the big area you get to walk around and the fact that its practically next to the beach makes it a great place to stay. The atmosphere is relaxing as well. Absolutely perfect. Took off for dinner, had to wait for 3 hours for the food, damn hari raya, all the restaurants were jam packed, and the idiot waiter got our dish wrong, thought the person who took the order made a mistake so we dug in and waited for the next dish, turns out it was actually for the table right beside us, and the dish(lala) was absolutely tasteless, what a waste of money and the bloody boss looked at us as if it was our fault, fuck, look at your waiter, not your customer. After finishing that dish we had to wait for another hour for our next dish. The experience is not one I want to repeat again. Had to wait for so long, and I had a stomach ache after eating the food. Spent the night face down in the pillow moaning in pain. What a lousy experience.

The next day more than made up for all the bad luck though, got breakfast at the canteen, eggs and sausages with jam and bread and some butter, went to the beach, dug up some small lala's to bring back, weather was good, etc etc. Lots of fun, went back at 2 o clock.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Another post!

Yet another post, right after my mid terms! I've got way too much time on my hands right now, time to go off for a holiday!!!

Talking about myself again, is this a sign of narcissism? hmm... I really don't care.

Well I don't really have anything to do right now, but I've actually wrote a post that I intended on modifying before this one that I put into the blog's drafts, but somehow or another it got deleted when I deleted my post, damn blog should say something before deleting the drafts, I basically typed out a 500~1000 word post and its all fucking gone now. What the hell does save drafts mean??? If I save the fucking draft I expect the draft to be there the next time I open it.

Anyway this post is about a good friend of mine, lets just call him NoWorries for the sake of anonymity, NoWorries comes from a wealthy family, NoWorries is aptly nicknamed so because thats basically how he lives his life, with absolutely no worries whatsoever, he spent several years overseas and basically came home with nothing to show of it, because he flunked out on everything, he doesn't return things that his borrowed from people unless you ask him, repeatedly, continuously, for several weeks. He almost never comes on time for any sort of appointment, even when he is the one who comes up with the schedules, he has absolutely no reasoning capabilities whatsoever, every time someone calls him up on his behavior, however nicely, he throws a tantrum and literally screams, its absolutely ridiculous, he has absolutely no control over his emotions, one moment his wallowing in self pity, and the next his high on some anime. It's gotten so bad that most of the times I avoid playing games with him, because this guy just gets way out of control.

I've been friends with NoWorries for several years now, and I tend to close one eye everytime NoWorries throws a tantrum and starts behaving in a less than sane manner, but its reached the boiling point after I find out that hes actually planning on getting .... engaged. This is a guy with the mindset of an adolescent, irresponsible and immature, who can't even take care of himself, and he actually thinks he has the capabilities to not only look after his girlfriend, but to become a parent? All the lectures his been given by his parents, his friends, the people around him has crystallized into this steaming pile of shit?

Some people might say this isn't really any of my business, he is after all a rich person, he could probably live for the next 10 generations without any sort of employment and still be able to live comfortably, but I say that a friend has at the very least, the duty to inform another friend of the mistakes he is making.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Christopher Hitchens: God is not Great. How religion pollutes everything

One of the better reads out there.

I don't feel like writing so I'm just going to list out what this author has brought up. This is by no means a summary of the book, in fact I've never actually read the book itself.

- Religion comes from a period when humans were able to think and seek for information but had no way to explain what was happening around them, and religion was a way of explaining the things that could not be explained back then.

- No theologian(people studying religion) has ever been able to conclusively prove the existence of a higher being at any point of time in the history of mankind, the best they have ever been able to do was to attribute an apparent harmony in the arrangements.

- Religion goes for an already rather impossible task of proving the existence of said entity, and takes it a step further, and expects people to believe(which they do) that the speaker not only can prove the existence of that entity, but can claim to know this entities mind quite intimately and can claim to know his or her personal wishes, and in turn can tell u what u can do or can not do in his name.

- It gives to people(ministers/rabbis/shamans) power in the here and now. If you are his holiness the pope, and u have aggregated to yourself the power to free or to imprison, and to decide who may read what, how many tides must be paid, how many holy days must be observed, how many disciplines must be followed, is it seeking power in the afterlife or is it seeking power in the here and now? This is fairly obvious, and to add on to that, the sort of power being attributed to these people can not be challenged by normal challengers.

- One way of demonstrating the fact that religion is man-made is its proliferation(religion is everywhere!)

- There can only be 2 possible creators of religion, it can either be 'god made man' or 'man made god', if it is 'god made man' then it is very hard to see why there are so many religions, and why they are constantly at war with each other, however if you make the opposite assumption, that man has invented religion and god, there isn't much to be explained and I might add there are uncountable cults, sects, discrepancies within the holy books, warring churches. Iraq as an example, most of the hostility is directed at rival churches, at other Muslims, rather than the occupation force.

- For a morally normal universe, people of good will will do the best they can, and people of ill will will do the worst (wicked things), but for good people to do wicked things you need religion. In Denmark cartoonists were sent death threats for drawing a cartoon, flags were burned and people were shouting on the streets for the heads of the publishers, is this the sort of thing you would expect from a peaceful country?

PS: this isn't exactly a point, so skip it if u want(there are some good points here though), it's a counter argument against something put up by another debater, the argument is that religion has done plenty good for mankind, its wrong to say that religion pollutes everything, the counter argument was that while it can be said that religion has done plenty of positive things for mankind, these things were in fact things that could have been done without the help of religion(eg: humanitarian efforts, charity, amnesty International), and if religion were to take credit for the positive things, it should take credit for the mass murders and warring religions(the crusades). You might say that it isn't fair to put it that way, using the example of how a professor should not have to take credit for both, the student who passed with flying colours and also the other who dropped out, but the fact is that in every religion there are statements like, 'smite the head off the unbelievers' and other statements of the same sentiment, and while not everyone will follow that, that is what the holy books say, and as a believer that is a means of justifying however brutal the act may be, eg: "mass murder/genocide".... The point here being that the holy book encourages the believer in these acts, just as the same way a psychopath professor would tell his students to go out and commit mass murder,the holy books not only endorses these acts, they encourage it. As it is the analogy of the professor with the good and bad student is faulty. A proper one to describe the situation would probably be the one of the psychopath professor. To put all of this in a nutshell, name one good act that could not be done by a person without religion, and then name one evil act that a religious person can commit in the name of religion that a normal person would not do. You will find that it is far easier to find answers for the latter rather than the former.

The danger of religion is its totalitarianism form, believers are stifled from any form of thinking, reasoning is put aside and faith that is blind to everything else is encouraged.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Blogging about my blog...

Why am I blogging? I have close to no writing skills, reading my old posts bores me to tears. This is barely a journal, I don't write about any significant events in my life on this thing.

My strongest motivation would be boredom I suppose...

quote"Boredom is... a vital problem for the moralist, since half the sins of mankind are caused by the fear of it. "

I am a potential sinner!

Here I am again, griping about my life

Throughout my childhood my caretakers have for the most part been in the form of philipino maids, Susan, and some other nondescript characters that I can't remember were the ones who took care of me and my sister through our childhood years, the maids were our playmates, the person who cooked food for us, and the person who told us weird ghost stories. You could say that the maid was like our second guardian. Which might have been the reason for my slightly twisted personality...

Having had a friendly English speaking maid as a ruler to measure with is probably why it feels so disappointing( after Susan disappeared to only god knows where after her 4 year + contract ran out...) when all the maids to grace my home have been
- stealing my things (one of them stole my piggybank, another one stole my hand phone, and another one stole all my 1 ringgit coins in my coin box)
- vandalizing things at our home (one of them actually broke the handle to the door at her room, apparently because it made opening the door easier... . .)
- putting funny things into the food
- probably something I never found out...
It's baffling why these maids would do these sort of things, it makes me wonder what type of mentality they have, it's not as if their being abused, for the most part we treat them really well. I'm not one to demean groups of people, but these village Indonesians have really been a thorn at my side, and it's nigh impossible to get Filipinos help these days, as most of them have gone to Taiwan or Hong Kong, where the pay is much better, so the Malaysian are stuck with the labour force from the back alleys of Indonesia, these people can't speak a word of english, their lazy, they vandalize your property, they don't appreciate your help, and some of them treat working in Malaysia as some sort of holiday. Its disgusting. This coupled with my mother(she complains about the maid everyday for several hours) was the reason why I was against getting a maid for extra help around the house. After several months since the last maid quit(got fired) working at my home, and my mother starts complaining that she's doing all the work, etc etc etc. This is a complete lie, as the only thing she does for the family is wash and hang the clothes, even then most of the time the clothes are not mine since I throw mine in my room and take them out to wash all at once, she does not feed the dogs, I do that, she does not wash the dishes because quote "My hands are too sensitive" end quote, either my dad or I do that, she does not go to the market to get food for the family, my dad does that, she does not cook for the family, we go out to eat, my dad pays for that. She contributes almost nothing in the house, but somehow manages to convince herself that shes doing everything in the house. Whether this is some sort of self induced delusion shes going through I do not know, but this has lead to a new problem at home; because my mom's complaining so much, my dad got one of his worker's wife to work full time at our house, but with this 'helping hand' around... more problems are cropping up.

The extra help happens to be from Myanmar, not an Indonesian, that in itself I suppose is a good thing but heres the catch. She doesn't speak a word of English.... and shes never worked as a maid before... that was fine with me, I don't mind using hand gestures to get the message across, but then I find out that shes greedy, she doesn't just eat 3 meals a day, she cooks supper for herself and she finishes whatever is left out. She actually ate half of a traditional dessert that was left out on the table, something I was planning to finish later on, without telling me a single thing and shes eating all the eggs in the fridge, when my mom asked her she actually had the gall to say that I was the one who asked her to cook it, and she doesn't wash the clothes properly, shes so lazy she dips the clothes into soap water, dips them into clear water, squeezes the water out and thats it, thats what constitutes as washing clothes, hell even I'm not that lazy, and I'm a sloth. Just what the hell is going on, I used to think that foreign maids were people who were hardworking who came all the way to this country because they were too poor and wanted to earn enough to bring something back home, but here I am dealing with lazy, dishonest, greedy, thieving snots. I wonder whether these people would actually care if they lost their jobs, if the job means so little to them why did they bother going overseas to work in the first place.