Wednesday, August 29, 2007

XXX college fucks me over, again.

I have nothing to do so I'm going to rant here. I'm doing a course called Managing Your Hardware this semester, and the lecturer for this subject has the technical know how of a computer illiterate Idiot, that fool doesn't even know the difference between RAM and processor, she actually thinks processing speed depends on RAM and not the processor. How ridiculous is that? Anyway, she argued with several students, here are some 'memorable quotes' quote "The processing speed is determined by the amount of RAM you have! If your computer has a processor but no RAM, you think the computer will work??" <-- That was what she said, almost word for word, and someone responded with the obvious, "but a computer with no processor isn't going to work as well". How bloody stupid can this lecturer be? Just FYI, the processing speed of a computer, lets just assume this means how fast a computer can execute commands, is determined by several factors, not just the RAM. Ignorant bum doesn't even know how a PC works, and shes actually teaching the subject. Processing speed is determined by the processor, thats my reasoning because the processor is what actually processes the instructions(more clock cycles per second = more instructions done per second), RAM is how much memory you have to execute the instructions, more RAM means more applications are able to run concurrently, since you can have more things stored in your RAM, eg: you can run more applications at once without your computer lagging, once your computer runs out of RAM, it starts using the memory from your hard drive to run the programs, but this is a problem since your hard drive is further from your processor(think 1 million instructions, and you'll understand why you need RAM).

Anyway, even after several students pointed this obvious fact to the 'lecturer', she continues to insist that the RAM is what determines the computer processing speed, quote"The MEMORY is what determines the processing speed, you dun believe me you go check", how the hell someone with this amount of ignorance manage to secure a position as a lecturer is beyond me.

FYI:(The speed of the processor is determined by the number of clock cycles/instructions it handles per second, hence processor, 3 gigahertz means 3 million clock cycles per second, 1 megahertz is 1 thousand cycles per second.) more hertz usually means more speed, and more heat as well.
Duo core processors have 2 processors on 1 chip, hyper threading is a single processor that simulates 2 processors.

PS: this is the same lecturer I complained about below.

edit: took out college name

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back pain

Sleepy as hell, back hurting, head hurting, dont want to go back to college, dont know what to do.

Lets start up with today..

5AM in the morning, my mom is freaking out and screaming at my dad, whose still half asleep, I'm not sure what the problem is there. Something about clothes, she can really make a person miserable for absolutely no reason, what a bad start to the day. I'm tired and my back was hurting and I have my mom to add more spice to my already bad start of the day.

7AM off to college, my dad sends me off to college, since my sis wants to use the Camry, I have to take the cab back, after looking around for the timetable I find out that college only starts at 11AM... thats 3 hours of nothing to do, so I spend the next 2 hours in the library and an hour in the computer lab... Honestly going to college makes me feel like I have a chain around my head. I can't do what I really want, and sometimes the lecturers feel the need to pick on me for no reason... For instance... in my first class the minute I walk in my lecturer says something along the lines of, quote" Where is your paper and pencil?" ramble ramble ramble for half a minute, lost my attention after the first sentence... In the middle of class she tells me, quote" Why do you look so uncomfortable? You look so uncomfortable your making me uncomfortable, are you alright?" and this goes on all through the 1 hour class, bad enough that my back hurts, now I have an irritating lecturer giving me grief... annoyed and feeling like a fool i decide to just go home after that... I need a break... but I've already had a 3 week break...

Friday, August 10, 2007


Went to the gym on Thursday with Kiang Hong, met up with the trainer in the California Fitness gym, turns out we had to make an appointment beforehand, apparently he had some existing appointment, so we had to work out ourselves,as it is we went off for some cardio, cycling running etc. Nothing interesting, afterwards we took off to get some rest at the resting area. California Fitness is pretty spacious, there are 2 floors, most of the weight lifting machines etc are on the 1st floor, the 2nd floor is where the cardio machines are, the treadmill, cycling, aerobics, punching bags are over there, theres also a room where they hold different types of exercises as well, yoga etc, they have a schedule for the different exercises there, but I'll have to get those from the trainer the next time I go there, haven't really got the details, not really something I'm interested in. Theres also a swimming pool on the outside of the gym, they actually have a jacuzzi over there... o_O? Tiny basketball court and a relaxation area as well. about 1 hour into the gym and we were pretty much exhausted.

Anyway I ended up staying over at Kiang's place, that guy has the worst virus ridden pc I have ever seen, I've asked him to reformat that thing so many times I've lost count, seems like he doesn't even bother maintaining his pc and that technician that keeps coming over to his house to fix his pc? I get the feeling his ripping Kiang off, that guy doesnt update the Windows for his pc at all, it's like cleaning up the mess from a leak but not fixing the leak itself, what is that? His still using the XP Service Pack 1, Service Pack 2 came out years ago. Literally years ago. I tried fixing his pc but it was getting late so figured might as well get some sleep. Figured his dad would send someone over to fix the pc again.

Next day Kiang dumped me at his house to go off for class, why did he ask me to stay over if his just going to leave me there with nothing to do until 1 o clock plus??? that guy never thinks things through. So while I was flipping through the channels, some technician comes over at 10 something and 'fixes' the pc, this guy probably thought I lived there or something, he tells me his fixed the pc and stuff, said he installed spybot: search and destroy and spy sweeper on the pc, now I used to use that thing(spybot etc), and while it does work, it only covers spywares, doesn't work on everything, much easier to just reformat the pc and update it, especially something as badly infected as that pc. Anyway the funny part is when I went to double check the pc and I find out that the technician hasn't even updated his windows!? It's still service pack 1. What the hell is going on... No wonder the pc keeps getting infected, this guy doesn't actually fix the problem, he just gets rid of the viruses.

I spent the rest of the morning looking at the idiot box, channel surfing, reading comics and feeling like an idiot, should have went home. I found out that he had a previous engagement with Dom, some lunch thing, I tagged along, figured it'd be good to see Dom again, so at 12:30+ his driver sends me off to uptown 5, Tower D. Which happens to be Kiang's father's company. One thing lead to another and We(Dom, Kiang and me) ended up having lunch with a bunch of executives and his parents at a sushi restaurant that apparently belongs to his dad as well.. Went home and fell asleep after that.

Wonder if I should join the camping trip.