Sunday, January 6, 2008


I don't like foreign workers. These people always have these angry, sullen, empty expressions whenever you look at them, and if you have ever bothered to speak to them you realize, it's not just their expressions that are empty, from what I gather most of them never make it past the first 6 months of working in Malaysia, because without any sort of monitoring, they sleep on the job, and get sent back with huge debts.

It's the mentality... the way they think. I guess they've gotten used to having people like themselves around them. They litter everywhere and spend all their money on cigarettes. Pay them their salary and 3 weeks later they've spent most of it. I wonder if it ever occurred to them to send money back to their families? Well it doesn't matter since our government will accept them into this country. . . . . It's an interesting fact, Indonesians who become Malaysian citizens have been able to receive Bumiputra status, where as Chinese people who have lived here for generations don't get Bumiputra status.

Rant 2

Lately there's been a lot of hoo hah, particularly about a minister in the MCA, one of the health ministers apparently, this is a man that has actually done something for the country, he pushed for several legislation's on health matters to improve the quality of the service, and he has done numerous visits to hospitals, this is one of the ministers who was "outstanding". Now hes being condemned over a 'scandal', some sex tape that was taken by someone in a hotel.

I'm not supporting extra marital affairs, but it seems quite funny that something completely unrelated to his work would have such a huge impact on it, where as people like Najib and Rafidah get away with the things that would put most people in jail, Najib with that Mongol model murder(blown up by explosives that only the police special forces have access to) and Rafidah with her AP scandal. The person who came forward with the evidence against Rafidah was actually jailed by the ISA, jailed without trial for bringing up evidence against corruption, are the people up there really that invulnerable?

Competent people are losing their jobs for something that should not even be the business of the public, on what was basically political assassination, and the big sharks are still swimming out there.